Delivery of Government Documents

Delivery of Government Documents (Absher)


A service that delivers official govermental documents from Absher to a client’s National Address.


      • How to use the service : -
      • Step one: Register for a national address, Within an hour, your address will be automatically shown up on Absher, for registration please Visit this link.
      • Step two: Sign in to Absher and complete the necessary form for your desired services and select Saudi Post delivery.
      • Step three: You will receive a text message with the receipt and payment methods to complete your delivery.
      • Step four: Document will be delivered to the national address.


        • Document Services: -
        • 1. Issuing and renewing all type of residents related documents.
        • 2. Issuing and renewing Saudi passports.
        • 3. Issuing and renewing national ID (Soon).
        • 4. Issuing and renewing driving licenses and car registrations.


    • Duration: -
    • Documents are delivered within 2-4 business days .


Residence Renewal

Providing accommodation for employees under the sponsorship of the institution or the company, in addition to providing residence for domestic workers.

Saudi Passport

Delivering your Saudi passport to your national address, whether after issuing a new passport or renewing one.

Driving License

Delivery of the driver's license electronically after renewal to your national address.

Vehicle Registration Form

Delivery of your vehicle registration form electronically after renewal to your national address.

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